“Stay alert as well. Because you never know when the landlord will show up…”

Steal and  Sell. That’s the whole point.

You have an empty shop on the busy street of the city. It’s up to you to make it happen. Sneak into houses without getting caught by landlords, steal items, and start selling them in your own shop.


-Dozens of stolen items that can be sold in the player’s shop.
-Unlock door locks, sneak into houses through windows or balconies.
-Customize your home and shop.
-Buy houses from the real estate agent.
-Use a computer to manage tasks.
-Banks and ATMs.
-Day and night system.
-Various games in the hotel and casino.
-Pick locks with a crowbar.
-Face trial in court when caught.
-Prison cell.
-Exploration with a drone.
-Supply goods from wholesalers for honest sellers (Profit margins are very low or zero).
-Sell valuable jewelry at the jewelry store.
-And many more features…


-A city in England…
-Dozens of products that can be sold at the player’s shop.
-Royal Taxes and Rent (Make sure to pay your royal taxes and shop rent on time!)
-Thieves and Bandits…
-Supplying goods to sell from the ship that docks in the harbor
-Tavern for relaxation
-Free roaming
-Customizing your own home with furniture
-Customizing your own shop with stands
-Day and night cycle with real-time clock
-Dynamic weather conditions (Clear, Overcast, Rainy)
-Unique city views
-Visiting the seer to learn various prophecies that include the present day
-Books with interesting stories
-Crafting. Collecting and combining various elements
-Storage and use of weapons such as swords, bows, arrows, and axes
-Lord’s reception hall and receiving tasks from the Lord.
-Health and hunger status
-and much more…
-Don’t forget to pay your royal taxes on time. Otherwise, you will be exiled!

THE TRADER -Goods Dealer Simulator-

You were a mafia member earlier and joined FOCI’s Witness Protection Program   to get your freedom. FOCI has given you a new identity, a new job and a new home. That was then, this is now. Live your new life being distant to criminal activities!

Grow your business by starting with an empty shop. To write your own story and to be successful at what you are doing   serve your customers well.


-A big city map.
-More than 50 items to sell in the player’s shop
-Billing system (Pay the electricity bill and rent on time!)
-Simple fighting mechanism against robbers
-Supplying goods from wholesalers to sell)
-Hotel and Casino for resting
-Go and discover the city freely
-Customize your home (Furnitures)
-Customize your shop (Stands)
-Day time information with morning-night circle
-Dynamic Weather Conditions (Sunny, Cloudly, Rainy, Thunderstorms)
-Banks and ATMs) (Withdraw, deposit money, use your credit card)
-A laptop PC for the player to use
-Health and hunger status
-Car driving experience
-Enjoy your stay at the hotel
-Slots, 21 and other gambling options at the Casino
-Option to buy guns and kill mafia members (RISKY!)
-Do not forget to clean the shop!


It’s a self-indulgent people’s neighborhood. No one wants to leave their house. That’s why go from door to door and find out what people want! Buy it for them and grab the tip!

Save your money!
Stand on your own feet!

You cannot anticipate life will open which doors! You have to be make a lot of money to get out of misery. Maybe one day you will have your own house, or even your own apartment, or even your own doorman!

Buy products on-demand by supplying from shops
Simple driving experience
Collect orders and deliver
Buy houses
Vital items to closely monitor your player (i.e. hungry)
Gaining XPs after each achievement and increase your experience level